måndag 6 februari 2012

Kenyabrev från Afghanistan

Jag har precis fått det här mailet.

Hi,  My Friend
I am Anderson D. Clinton, an officer of the U.S Army. I am writing you this email from Kabul, Afghanistan as the last batch of our men just left Iraq. I have some items I will need to ship to you. I am in possession of two boxes that contain $10.7M bucks. I was among US soldiers that found some stash of money around the hood of the Iraqi dead dictator when we were first deployed in Iraq. Although our men returned money to the US army which was subsequently returned to the Iraqi treasury; but we weren't stupid to give in all the money. Though I am scary telling you about this on email. But the one question is, Can you be trusted? 
For clarity of what Im talking about, check this news link below;
So I need someone that is not related to me, to help me pull this cash out, everything is ready, I just need someone I can trust because we have lost a box of gold to someone that said he will help us last time and I won't like to make the same mistake.
If you can handle this deal let me know immediately, you will receive 20% of the money and you don't have to pay me any money, all you need to do is to find a safe place where you can keep the box till I finish my duty here. . Get back to me immediately with this email Id   d.andersonclinton@gmail.com
Anderson D. Clinton

Lite roligt att Kenyabreven har utvecklats. Men nog skulle de väl ha kunnat tänka till lite mer och inte sno handlingen från Three kings rakt av?

3 kommentarer:

Fredde sa...

Jag har inte sett "Three Kings". Det låter som ett enkelt sätt för dig att bli snorrik på! Visningen lär ju aldrig kunna matcha det där erbjudandet. Slå till!

Knallhatten sa...

Jag vet! Jag menar, 20% av 10,7 miljoner dollar är 14 424 584 kr i dagens penningvärde! Jag har redan svarat. Och jag behöver ju inte göra nånting alls mer än att ta emot och förvara guldet tills han kan hämta det!

Mats sa...

Häng på! En guide får aldrig tveka!